MaXimusDVD Source Code is available!












If you already know VB or you are just learning, the source code for MaXimusDVD will undoubtedly be a very useful investment in advancing your VB knowledge. From it you can learn how to take advantage of advanced VB programming using modules, classes, creating custom form shapes, using built-in picture storage, creating controls through code, sub classing, using advanced APIs, using function calls, creating pop-up menus, adding items to the system tray, adding vertical images to pop-up menu bars, creating scrolling text, writing and retrieving information from the system registry, adding images to controls, changing mouse overs, allowing forms to stay on top of the desktop, using skins with your application, using Microsoft DVD controls, enabling full screen view of DVD video, creating applications to play DVDs from your hard drive, understand and control regional settings through code, control audio settings, save DVD bookmarks, creating information catalogs and much much more!

If you are interested in purchasing the source code for MaXimusDVD please