I started my creation of MaXimusDVD in 1998 and completed it in 2000. It was a great time for computing and for me, a great time for computer programming. MaXimusDVD was created with Microsoft Visual Basic.

Software DVD players were new at the time and the two rival software DVD players were Power DVD and WinDVD. Both were great DVD players but they were not free and the trial versions caused problems between the two players due to their ten minute time limit restrictions.

I created MaXimusDVD to be a free software DVD player and to fix the problem of the time limit restrictions in that MaXimusDVD was not affected by these trial version software DVD players. MaXimusDVD is and always has been free software. MaXImusDVD contains absolutely no spyware nor does it install any other software onto your computer.

Once again, I would like to thank all who have used MaXimusDVD and I hope you have found it useful.

Best Regards,
Gary Stotts (aka: MaXimus)